Teacher Training 

Annmarie Chesebro, ACT coordinator and adjunct professor in Marylhurst University’s MAT program, has an article titled "The Teacher Coach" in the Spring 2014 issue of NAIS's online publication Independent Teacher. Read also her article titled “Education Innovation” that appeared in the Fall 2006 issue of the magazine Open Spaces.

Heather McLendon, social media strategist and web content coordinator at Marylhurst University, posted her article titled "The Arbor School Partnership" from August 2013 on the Chalkboard Project's blog. The article features the distinctive relationship between the college and Arbor School that allows Arbor Apprentices to earn their MAT degrees.

Read the Chalkboard Project's interview with ACT graduate Johannah Withrow-Robinson (ACT '12, Whitman '10) about Arbor's ACT program in collaboration with Marylhurst University (under “Our Voices, Our Schools”).

Jenny Lowe Cook (ACT '08, St. John's '06) reflected on sharing Homer with students in her essay "When the Ancients Speak, Children Listen" in St. John's Fall 2010 issue of The College.

Lauren Kristensen Koepl (ACT '10, Claremont-McKenna '07) discusses her ACT thesis research in "My Paper is Lighting Up: Self-Assessment in K-1 Writing" in the Fall 2011 issue of Independent Teacher.

School Leadership 

Kit Abel Hawkins, Director of Arbor School, on the founding of Arbor School.

Kit's guest opinion in "The Oregonian" on keeping curiosity at the heart of education standards.


The Molalla Pioneer ran an article on Linus Rollman's visit to Molalla River Academy, where students were using Arbor's first algebra textbook, Jousting Armadillos and Other Equations: An Introduction to Algebra.

Arbor & Arbor Graduates 

Read "The Future of Oregon Public Education: A Q&A with Ben Cannon, Governor Kitzhaber's Education Policy Advisor" in the February 2012 issue of Metro Parent. Ben taught Senior Humanities at Arbor and was recently appointed to a new position overseeing all public higher education in Oregon, the seven universities, 17 community colleges, and state-paid financial aid.

Arbor was featured in the February 2011 issue of Portland Monthly.

Sam Alden, Arbor '03 and Catlin Gabel '07, continues to work on his graphic novel Eighth Grade. Sam was a 2012 Sitka Fellow in Sitka, Alaska.

Abby Conyers, Arbor ’06 and Catlin Gabel ’10, mentions her interest in teaching in her interview featured in The Oregonian’s 2010 Academic Achievers column.

Several articles have appeared in the press focusing on Arbor’s eighth grade Senior Project requirement:

Christina Schmidt, Arbor ’09 and currently at Lincoln High School, raised funds to build a school in Cambodia.

Natalie Lerner, Arbor ’10 and currently at Oregon Episcopal School, developed healthy, low-cost recipes and created a cookbook complete with an online cooking blog for children.  Click here to learn more.