The Arbor Center for Teaching


An innovative teaching program of Arbor School dedicated to the training and guidance of future teachers and school leaders through practical experience and reflection in a lab school setting.
ACT also publishes curricular teaching materials aimed at developing children’s intellect, character and creativity.

Environments & Geography Summer Seminar - July 20-24 2015

The Environments & Geography Summer Seminar will bring 20 teachers to Arbor School’s campus and to a public school co-location (TBA) for 30 hours of free workshops in using thematic teaching to introduce mapping and geography skills to elementary students. The seminar will run from 8:30 – 3:00, Monday 20 July to Friday 24 July, [...]

Teacher Training Program

MAT & Oregon Licensure
A working apprenticeship with master teachers at Arbor School through the Arbor Center for Teaching & Marylhurst University.

School Leadership

The School Leadership Program is an intensive series of seminars organized and conducted by Kit Abel Hawkins, founder of Arbor School of Arts & Sciences.

Arbor Algebra Series

A comprehensive & innovative algebra curriculum in three volumes, covering pre-algebra through quadratic equations