The Arbor Center for Teaching


An innovative teaching program of Arbor School dedicated to the training and guidance of future teachers and school leaders through practical experience and reflection in a lab school setting.
ACT also publishes curricular teaching materials aimed at developing children’s intellect, character and creativity.

Keeping curiosity at the heart of education standards

Kit Hawkins wrote an opinion column for The Oregonian on the need to keep curiosity and other central human aims at the heart of our standards for education. Read on for the full text…

Teacher Training Program

MAT & Oregon Licensure
A working apprenticeship with master teachers at Arbor School through the Arbor Center for Teaching & Marylhurst University.

School Leadership

The School Leadership Program is an intensive series of seminars organized and conducted by Kit Abel Hawkins, founder of Arbor School of Arts & Sciences.

Arbor Algebra Series

A comprehensive & innovative algebra curriculum in three volumes, covering pre-algebra through quadratic equations