Admission to ACT's Apprentice Program


We seek people from diverse backgrounds who are innovative and perseverant workers, rigorous and inquiring thinkers, and reliable and worthy role models for children.  Applicants should be deeply interested in teaching and engage collaboratively with other adults and children.  Prior to admission, applicants should have completed a BA from an accredited college or university.  Experience working with children is an asset in terms of developing seriousness of commitment to teaching, but it is not a requirement for acceptance to our program. The Arbor Center for Teaching is an equal-opportunity employer.


To speak with us and request a campus visit, please contact us.  You may also contact Annmarie Chesebro directly at or 503.638.6399. We welcome visits and admissions inquiries at any time.

Application Process

Candidates must submit applications to both ACT and Marylhurst University:

Step 1: Apply to ACT. We welcome applicants for our 2018-2020 cohort. To apply to ACT, please (1) notify us of your intent to apply by completing this form, then (2) download and complete our ACT application form.  Materials accepted via e-mail to or via hard copy to 4201 SW Borland Rd., Tualatin, OR 97062.  Application deadline May 1, 2018.  Applications received after this date will be considered as openings allow.

Step 2: Apply to Marylhurst University. Please see Marylhurst University’s Education Department for details about Marylhurst's admission requirements. Applicants accepted to ACT will be recommended for admission to Marylhurst by ACT's Director of Teacher Training.

Tuition and Financial Support

  • Current tuition to Marylhurst is $560/credit for the 54 credit MAT.
  • Apprentices receive a 10% reduction in tuition costs for graduate courses held on the Arbor campus.
  • Financial aid is available through Marylhurst.
  • Arbor offers a monthly stipend.
  • Summer employment opportunities at Arbor School.
  • On-campus housing available (rent-free, $75/month for utilities).