Environments & Geography Summer Seminar

The Environments & Geography Summer Seminar will bring 20 teachers to Arbor School’s campus and to a public school co-location (TBA) for 30 hours of free workshops in using thematic teaching to introduce mapping and geography skills to elementary students.  The seminar will run from 8:30 - 3:00, Monday 20 July to Friday 24 July, 2015.  

Participants will earn 30 PDUs and a free copy of Arbor’s Environments curricular guide with Common Core alignment analysis. This book covers a year’s work in exploring natural systems from local to global, with heavy emphasis on honing mapping and surveying skills to better understand the relationships of species and ecosystems, as well as human impact on the environment. The seminar will give participating teachers the tools they need to integrate local and global mapping projects into existing curricula and to consider thematic framing that gives greater relevance and endurance to important ideas and skills. Participants will do some of the field work set out for students to explore the process of adding layers of information about ecological niches, structures, topographic features, etc. to local maps. They will have the chance to compare and debate the merits of different world map projections, just as students of our curriculum do. They will gain strategies for directly teaching mapping skills and leading discussions of environmental science concepts on the basis of geography, climate, botany, adaptation, and more.

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Summary: Curriculum introducing studies of environmental niches, habits, ecosystems, biomes, the human body, and oceanography to fourth and fifth graders at the Arbor School of Arts & Sciences.

Authors: Daniel Shaw and Eliza Nelson